Turtle Mask 2.1 Navy Dots

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Turtle Mask 2.1 - is made with 100% cotton fabric, which makes our masks very durable, sustainable and fully biodegradable.

The ear adjusters have been redesigned and are now more durable. In addition, the mask comes with a new inner sleeve to house a nose bridge wire for better fitment and comfort. Most importantly, Turtle Mask 2.1 is now machine washable when washed in a delicates laundry bag with cold water.

The inner layer is constructed with the same lightweight muslin cotton that helps reduce skin irritations and provide breathability. The special inner sleeve pocket houses insertable filters that help reduce symptoms from dust, air pollution, allergies and other airborne contaminants.

The mask's outer layer comes in various styles and patterns, making it fun and fashionable.

Approximate Product Dimensions : 15.5cm x 18 cm x 6.5cm

* Filter not included
* Nose Bridge Wire Included


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