Turtle Mask Product Use and Care

Product Use

To get the most use out of Turtle Mask we recommend using and caring for your product as described below :

Before putting on Turtle Mask, clean hands with hand sanitizer or soap and water. Cover mouth and nose with mask.

Straps are adjustable.

⚠️ : Avoid touching the mask during usage; if you do, we recommend cleaning hands with hand sanitizer or soap and water.

✹ : Wash before first use.


Insert the additional filter layer between 2 layers of Muslin fabric. If needed, replace the filter with a new one as soon as it becomes damp and do not re-use (filter not included with product).

Insert the additional nose bridge wire into the provided sleeve between 2 layers of Muslin fabric. (nose bridge wire included or attached with product packaging).


Product Care
To get the most use out of Turtle Mask we recommend caring for your product as below :

  • Wash with liquid detergent before use
  • Fabric softener is recommended but optional
  • Always remove filter
  • Always remove nose bridge wire
  • Hand wash
  • Machine wash in cold, gentle/delicate cycle in delicates laundry wash bag with like colors - Turtle Mask 2.0 only
  • Do not use bleach
  • Lay flat to dry 
  • Do not Iron