Turtle Mask 1.0

Made from 100% cotton, the Turtle Mask is reusable and washable. Turtle Mask offers an insertable pocket to insert the filter of your choice (filter not included). The inner muslin cotton material provides both comfort and breathability to provide maximum comfort. Turtle Mask is designed to be hand washed up to 15 times. Made with 100% cotton the mask is designed with 3 layers plus an optional 4th filtration layer for comfort and protection.  

Layer 1: Made with a fit face design, this layer provides the outermost protection while still providing a fashionable design

Layer 2: Made from muslin cotton which provides the capability that can block small particles almost identical to the medical face mask

Filtration Layer (optional / filter not included): This layer was designed for the user to insert the filter of his/her choice. Whether you decide to insert an N95,  surgical mask or PM2.5 filter. Turtle Mask will provide an extended lifespan for the filter of your choice.

Layer 3: Made from 100% muslin cotton, the material is an incredibly soft and breathable fabric. It’s freely woven, allowing heat to escape and fresh air to enter for maximum comfort.