8 in 1 - Multifunctional Dog Leash

Turtle Snorkel's : 8 in 1 - Multifunctional Dog Leash

Our focus on creating fashionable, reusable and eco-friendly pet products for everyday use. Our goal is to design the best pet supplies while being eco-conscious. As pet owners, we've always run into the problem of not enough leashes. After collecting customer feedback and continued iterations we came up with a Multifunctional Dog Leash made from high-quality materials for all our furry friends!

Being durable, soft, made from 100% Raw Cotton and high-quality hardware. The leash is designed so that you can choose the most convenient and comfortable ways to control your canine.

8 variations of leash usage

Long Leash

Traffic Leash

Hands Free Leash

Slip Lead Leash

Short Leash

Long Tether

Control Leash

Double Leash